Sleep and Cognitive Development

Sleep is essential for healthy cognitive development. The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in chronic sleep deprivation among children that amounts to what is now a public health epidemic. Despite the substantial societal impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive neurodevelopmental disorders, we still know very little about the neural mechanisms that promote cognitive development during sleep.

The Boccara lab mission is to address this crucial gap in our knowledge with innovative research projects at the junction of developmental neurobiology, system neuroscience and sleep research.


In addition, we use computational methods to analyse how representations are encoded and updated both in the adult and the developing brain.


High density freely-behaving recordings in rodents

We use specifically designed ultra-light tetrodes array adapted for chronic recording in pups.

Cognitive tests

Viral tools and mice genetics



From left to right: Charlotte, June, Luca, Eis, Anjali, Halvor and Dina

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